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Royal Heritage Home LLC acquires KMK Health LLC KMK Operates One of Leading Allergy Prevention Product Web Sites-

Royal Heritage Home L.L.C. announced today that it has acquired the assets of KMK Health LLC. Keneth Krugman, former owner of KMK will assume the position of general merchandise manager for Royal Heritage Home’s direct to consumer allergy prevention business which is based in Duluth, GA. The latest RHH acquisition adds another web site to RHH’s portfolio of allergy prevention businesses which now includes National Allergy- , Allergy Control Products- Allergy Guard Direct – and the latest addition operated by KMK, .

Royal Heritage’s allergy portfolio now represents the leading environmental control & allergen avoidance operation in the U.S. Through its numerous web sites, wholesale operations and 20 international distributors, RHH is solving problems for allergy sufferers everywhere. RHH’‘s web sites have over 400,000 unique visitors per month selling allergy mattress protectors, HEPA air purification systems, sinus relief products, bed bug treatments, respirator masks, water filters and asthma products direct to consumers and also sells its product line at wholesale. The Company uses a network of over 22,000 allergists to promote its product line of over 1500 items.
RHH maintains a database of over 1,000,000 present and past customers and markets through the allergists directly as well as its web site. National Allergy mails over 2,000,0000 patient brochures per year as well as over 500,000 direct mail catalogs. According to Jeffrey Tauber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Heritage Home, “Ken Krugman is one of the most accomplished merchants in this industry. We are thrilled to have him join our team in this leadership role.”

Royal Heritage Home has been successfully marketing and importing product for over 38 years. Its expertise in sourcing and delivering home furnishing products is unparalleled. Over the last 8 years, Royal Heritage has expanded its business dramatically through numerous acquisitions, including a bedding ensemble business, allergy mattress and pillow protection businesses and its acquisition of Rainbow Linens, Allergy Solutions and Allergy Control Products. RH’s manufacturing facility is the largest producer of allergy mattress covers and pillow protectors in the country.

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