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Royal Heritage Home LLC acquires National Allergy Supply Royal Heritage acquires the largest company in environmental control & allergen avoidance segment

Royal Heritage Home L.L.C. announced today that it has acquired the assets of National Allergy. The acquisition makes this Royal Heritage’s third acquisition in the last 7 months in the allergy avoidance segment of business. Founded in 1985, National Allergy is by far the largest and most successful environmental control & allergen avoidance company. The company sells allergy mattress protectors, HEPA air purification systems, sinus relief products, bed bug treatments, respirator masks, water filters and asthma products direct to consumers and also sells its product line at wholesale. The Company uses a network of over 19,000 allergists to promote its product line of over 1000 items. The company’s web site is

National Allergy maintains a database of almost 800,000 present and past customers and markets through allergists directly as well as their web site. National Allergy sends over 2,000,0000 patient brochures out per year as well as over 500,000 direct mail catalogs. According to Jeffrey Tauber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Heritage Home. “The acquisition of National Allergy give us enormous economies of scale in the segment now which will be great for all our consumer and wholesale customers.” National Allergy will maintain its 200,000 square foot office and distribution center in Duluth, GA. Royal Heritage will also move all its encasement production to the 182,000 square foot factory in Cornelia, Georgia. This is one of the largest mattress encasement facilities in the world. The factory maintains a number of ETON automated sewing lines.

With the acquisition of National Allergy, Royal Heritage expects to not only grows it’s US based allergy avoidance business but they now can further leverage the 15 international distributors throughout the world including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Guatemala, Australia, Norway, Mexico, China and Canada.

According to former CEO of National Allergy, Tom Short, “we are very excited with this transaction and believe that Royal Heritage can continue to build the NA business dramatically.” Along with RHH’s,, businesses they are poised to dominate the allergy and bed bug avoidance categories of business.

Royal also announced today, that it has sold its futon cover business to management.

Royal Heritage Home has been successfully marketing and importing product for over 38 years. Its expertise in sourcing and delivering home furnishing products is unparalleled. Over the last 7 years, Royal Heritage has expanded its business dramatically through numerous acquisitions, including a bedding ensemble business, a allergy mattress and pillow protection business and its acquisition of Rainbow Linens, Allergy Solutions and Allergy Control Products.

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